The Warehouse and Distribution Department is responsible for ensuring that good quality products are being produced and consistently distributed on a timely basis through the:

i.  Guaranteeing that raw materials used are of high quality standards.

ii. Proper warehousing/dispatching of raw materials.

iii.  Proper storage and transporting of the finished products island wide.

The department’s main role/function include:

  1. Planning and directing all activities related to the storing and transporting of raw materials to the Plants.
  2. Working with the Ministry of Education’s School Feeding Unit to:
    • Identify the schools that are to be fed
    • Procure a list of the schools to be fed
    • Ensure preparation of schools to receive daily deliveries from NPL.
  3.  Ensuring consistent, presentable and on-time delivery of products to schools.
  4.  Ensuring the proper use and care of vehicles contracted to NPL for transporting/delivering products to schools.
  5.  Devising/maintaining suitable recording and reporting systems for information flow between Plants and Departments.