The Procurement and Contracts department has the sole responsibility for all purchasing and contractual activities of the company, ensuring that quality goods, services and works are acquired on a timely basis and at the most economical cost.

The responsibility of the Procurement and Contracts department is effectively carried out when the duties below are performed:

  •  Planning, directing and controlling all activities related to the procurement of goods, services and works.
  •  Ensure proper coordination of all procurement activities, taking into account all lead times of the procurement process.

The procurement of goods, services and works are guided by the method of procurement which will be engaged. The choice of procurement method depends on:

  1. The nature of the goods, services and works to be procured;
  2. The value of the procurement;
  3.  The likelihood of interest by a foreign bidder, which is a function of the local availability, capacity and cost;
  4.  Critical dates for delivery; and,
  5.  Transparency of the procedures practiced.

This section’s mandate is to procure goods, services and works of the highest standard and in a cost effective manner. The section consistently maintains cordial relations with other departments and existing suppliers and fosters new relationships with potential suppliers both locally and overseas.