The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for ensuring that all the Plants produce and distribute products of the best possible quality at the highest possible standards. Any and all new formulae or adjustments to existing formulae, must have the approval of the Officer with responsibility for this department before implementation.
The Department is tasked with the responsibility to, inter alia:

  1. Ensure adherence to stipulated/approved formulae and specified production practices and procedures;
  2. Ensure the purchase and use of raw materials that are of the highest quality standards;
  3. Monitor all procedures involved with the processing of products regarding weight, texture, colour, taste, etc.;
  4. Ensure standard procedures for packaging/storage of finished products are followed to maintain the products’ quality;
  5. Conducts “Nutritional Analysis Product Tests’ at the start of each school term;
  6. Monitor sanitation of the Company’s three Plants;
  7. Work closely with the Bureau of Standards, the Public Health Department, and the Food Storage Prevention of Infestation Division of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Investment to ensure the maintenance of a safe and hygienic working environment.