With its aim being the maximization of production efficiency and effectiveness, the Production Department is responsible for:

  • Planning, co-ordinating, directing, monitoring, and controlling all activities required for fulfilling customer expectations with regard to the Company’s products;
  • Maintaining the appropriate quality control standards for all products; and,
  • Ensuring adherence to the stipulated formulae and specifications for all products.

The Production Department converts raw materials into finished products through two departments:

  • Bakery

Based on an established formula which gives the portions of ingredients and yields on the Production Schedule, the Bakery is responsible for producing the company’s baked products. This department also ensures proper packaging and crating of these products before transferring them to the Distribution Department.

  • Dairy

The Dairy is responsible for mixing and pasteurizing liquid to each product’s specification and processing procedure. On completion of the process, the liquid is then packaged to established specifications, crated and transferred to the Distribution Department.



 The Maintenance Department supports production by maximizing the uptime of machinery and equipment, thus maintaining their running precision and contributing to high productivity. To achieve this, the Department:

  1.  Makes available the services of maintenance technicians during production time.
  2.  Maintains an inventory of frequently used parts/accessories for effecting quick repairs.
  3.  Develops and maintains a preventative maintenance programme to eliminate/minimize breakdowns.
  4.  Liaise, daily, with all Plants to get a report on problems being experienced with machinery/ equipment and making a determination as to how to address this to ensure sustained functioning of these equipment/machinery.



The goal/role of the Safety & Hygiene Department is to ensure that a safe and hygienic work environment is maintained at all times so that all employees can perform their daily activities safely, efficiently and effectively.  The department is also responsible for ensuring adherence to the rules/regulations under the Factories Act of Jamaica and OSHA regulations in the workplace.

This Department works closely with other Safety Agencies such as the Office of Disaster Preparedness, Fire Brigade, etc., and consistently undertakes:

  1. Continuous upgrading and implementation of safety/health policies, rules and regulation;
  2.  Developing/Introducing accident prevention measures and controls, and monitor compliance;
  3.  Measures to ensure a hazard free environment and protection of the company’s property and finished goods from rodents, insects, foreign matter, etc.;
  4. Training and sensitization of employees on safety/hygiene matters; and,
  5. Safety Audits to identify and eliminate safety hazards.